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1970 OLDSMOBILE 442 Convertible:

Olds 442 Convertible. Matching numbers 455, fully functional A/C, automatic transmission with Hurst dual gate shifter, PS, PDB, W-25 Factory Outside Air Induction hood, rust-free car, along with original build sheet , black exterior paint, black interior, black top, distributor with internal conversion to electronic ignition, headers with Flow-master 44D's that sound amazing, recent tubular front suspension with original stock control arms included, new tires, this car runs and drives better than new, chrome excellent, paint excellent. Please call me with any questions: (480).442.5757


We'll gladly answer any question or send any pictures you need.

1970 OLDSMOBILE 442  Info:


  • All engines are 455's.
  • All Have 344... Fisher body tags.
  • If original front fenders are claimed, check the spacing between the two "4's" on the "442" emblems. The 4's should almost touch each other (very slight space, about 1/8") while the middle "4" and the "2" have a little larger space between them.
  • If the fenders are original they will be flat on the inner edge where the hood sits. '71-'72 fenders have bumps every several inches or so. Both should have red inner fenders and two braces just behind them.
  • If the car is a four speed, it should not have power brakes.
  • For a 442 convertible only, it was based on the Supreme body style.

Few exterior changes except for a unique grille made of vertical black rectangles, fenders, rear quarters, trunk lid and both bumpers. The 400 was replaced by the 455. The W-31 option was continued in the F-85 and Cutlass S, these cars were easily identified by W-31 identification on the front fender striping. New option was offered on the F-85 and Cutlass S called the Rallye 350. The Rallye 350 used the 350cu in. 310 hp engine and came in Sebring Yellow with orange and black decal hood patches and side trim. A rear deck spoiler was available on the Rallye 350, 442 and W models. The 70-72 442 wings were fiberglass, not aluminum. The W-25 OAI fiberglass hood was optional for all Cutlass variations.

Model VIN Units
Sports Coupe 344770 1688
Hardtop Coupe 344870 14709
Convertible 2933
Rallye 350 3547
Total 22877

Engine Specs:

Base: 455cu in, 4-bbl Rochester, 10.50 CR, 365 hp@5000rpm, 500 ft/lbs torque@3200rpm
W-30: 455cu in, 4bbl-Rochester, 10.50 CR, 370 hp@5200rpm, 500 ft/lbs torque@3600rpm
W-31: 350cu in, 4-bbl Rochester, 10.50 CR, 325 hp@5400rpm, 360 ft/lbs torque@3600rpm
Rallye 350: 350cu in, 4-bbl Rochester, 10.25 CR, 310 hp@4800rpm, 390 ft/lbs torque@3200rpm


3 spd floor manual
4 spd floor manual wide ratio (M-20)
4 spd manual close ratio (M-21)
4 spd manual close ratio heavy duty (M-22)
3 spd auto*
*Hurst Dual Gate Shifter in console was an available option in all bucket seat models

Rear Axles:

3spd 4spd WR 4spd CR Auto
365hp 3.23s,a 3.42s 2.56s
engine 3.08o 2.78o
3.42o 3.08o
370hp 3.42s 3.42s
engine 3.91o 3.23o,a
325hp 3.91s 3.91s 3.91s 3.91s
engine 3.42o 3.42o 3.42o 3.42o
310hp 3.08s 3.08s 3.42s 2.78s
engine 2.78o 3.23o 3.91o 2.56o
3.23o 3.42o 3.08o
3.42o 3.23o
3.91o 3.42o
s = standard
o = optional
a = std w/air cond

Performance Data:
¼ mile time: 13.98@100.78mph (Hot Rod mag., W-30 engine, automatic, 3.91 rear)
¼ mile time: 14.62@96.05mph (Hot Rod mag., W-31 engine, automatic, 3.91 rear)

[ Thanks to www.442.com/oldsfaq/of442.htm#442 for this information ]

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